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Struggle and Resilience

Louisiana and surrounding areas are no strangers to the devastating impact of hurricanes. From Katrina to Rita and beyond, the state has witnessed the destructive force and immense challenges brought by these natural disasters. When hurricanes strike, they leave a trail of devastation in their wake, including countless homes reduced to rubble.

The impact on individuals and families who lose their houses in these destructive storms is immeasurable. In an instant, cherished memories, personal belongings, and a sense of security can be torn away. For those whose homes are destroyed by hurricanes, the journey toward recovery can be challenging. These families find the strength to rise from the debris and rebuild their lives, one brick at a time.

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the power of SOLID BRICK Walls

Solid brick walls make a significant difference when protecting your home from the wrath of hurricanes and powerful storms. Unlike other building materials, such as wood or siding, brick offers exceptional durability and strength against high winds and flying debris. The robust nature of brick walls provides a formidable barrier that can withstand the intense forces exerted by hurricanes and storms.

At Still Signature Homes, our commitment goes beyond simply fixing visible damage caused by hurricanes. We conduct thorough inspections to assess the extent of wind related damage and identify potential warning signs for the future.

Our goal is to not only restore your home but also enhance its resilience against future hurricane events. We prioritize bringing your home up to current building codes, ensuring that it not only looks impeccable but also meets the highest standards of safety and structural integrity.

Do your

brick walls move?

They shouldn't! If you notice any movement or shifting in your brick walls, please take care of the matter as soon as possible and schedule an evaluation with us. Unwanted movement in brick walls can indicate underlying problems such as foundation issues, moisture damage, or structural instability.

At Still Signature Homes, we understand the importance of a solid foundation for your home and the peace of mind it brings. Our team of skilled professionals specializes in repairing and stabilizing brick walls, ensuring that your home's structural integrity is restored. With our expertise and commitment to quality craftsmanship, we can diagnose the root cause of the problem and implement effective solutions that will not only prevent further movement but also enhance the longevity and value of your property.

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what to do after a major storm event?

After a major storm hits, we suggest taking immediate measures to mitigate any further damage to your home and safeguard it against additional harm. This could involve covering exposed areas, securing loose materials, and addressing any immediate safety concerns. By taking proactive measures, you can help prevent the situation from worsening.

Next, reach out to Still Signature Homes Inc. for a thorough assessment of the damages. Our team will provide an estimate using Xactimate (a comprehensive tool for evaluation that aids in your insurance claim process). We work closely with experienced structural engineers who specialize in verifying the wind-related damage specifically affecting your brick home. Their expertise ensures accurate documentation and assessment of the destruction incurred.

Once you've gathered the necessary information, including photographs and a detailed inventory of the brickwork damage, promptly submit a proof of loss statement to your insurance provider. This document serves as a formal claim, outlining the extent of the destruction and the estimated cost of repairs.

Take immediate action to mitigate any further damage to your home.

Get in touch with Still Signature Homes. Our team will assess the extent of the damage to your home and provide an estimate for insurance claims.

Fill out a proof of loss statement detailing the brick damages and submit it to your insurance provider.

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"to do list" after a major storm event:

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rebuilding journey: insurance claims

Once you've submitted your claim, the process isn't necessarily complete. It's essential to be aware that delays, underpayments, or even denials can occur, regardless of the accuracy of your claim. If you encounter any obstacles or experience extended delays in receiving payment, it is wise to seek legal assistance from an experienced law firm to protect your rights and interests.

However, you don't have to face these challenges alone: we're here to offer full support every step of the way. We have trusted connections with claims management firms and experienced civil engineering professionals specializing in insurance claim management. They have the expertise needed to handle the intricacies of the process and can work with your insurance company for you. Whether it's ironing out the details or negotiating for a fair resolution, we'll ensure that you receive the support you need to navigate any obstacles and achieve a favorable outcome.

After approval of your insurance claim and receipt of payment, Still Signature Homes will quickly mobilize our expertise. Our dedicated team will efficiently coordinate skilled labor, procure necessary materials, and develop a realistic timeline to restore your cherished home to its pre-storm condition. We aim to ensure a seamless and comprehensive reconstruction process, leaving you with a beautifully restored and safe living space.


Our history begins with Darren Still great, great-great-grandfather, Simeon Atwood, who established Utah's inaugural brickyard around 1865. He was the first brick mason in Utah, eventually becoming the most popular professional in Salt Lake City. A great reputation, forged by strong, resistant and beautiful homes, making their brick by hand out of clay, and leaving them to dry in the heat of the Utah sun. Continuing the family tradition, Darren's father carried on the legacy, further enhancing the quality of their construction and building new homes.

Growing up, Darren observed his father's remarkable skills, from forming concrete walls to framing houses. His passion for the craft flourished, and he soon began building homes of his own, driven by a deep desire to create and develop.

With a wealth of experience as a project manager, quality assurance program manager, and director of operations, Darren's passion lies in creating and developing properties, crafting brand-new homes, and integrating innovative building technologies. Yet, his fulfillment also stems from restoring damaged homes, breathing new life into them. Climbing the professional ladder from site superintendent to vice president, Darren recognized the opportunity to embark on a new venture and create his own company: Still Signature Homes.

It was when Darren came to Louisiana to assist a friend in clearing debris after Hurricane Laura devastated the region that he witnessed the immense destruction and the unwavering spirit of the resilient locals. He felt a strong connection with them and made a life-changing decision to stay and contribute to the rebuilding efforts. Nowadays, Still Signature Homes upholds the family tradition by delivering exceptional brickwork and repair services to the residents of Louisiana.



from our clients

Quotation Mark

We are so happy with Still Signature Homes from start to finish! The work was absolutely stellar. Mr. Still and his crew have the best work ethic. Mr. Leber fought the insurance company for us and won! My husband and I recommend calling him if your bricks are moving and the insurance company denied you. He will not take no for an answer.

- Sylvia Elizabeth Addison

Quotation Mark

Martin Leber & Darren Still worked with my insurance company to cover what needed to be done to the bricks on my home. The workmanship of the crew was excellent. They did the job in a very timely manner and the cleanup afterward was awesome. I recommend them and will use them again if I need brickwork. Excellent from beginning to the end.

- Greg Carmier

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I truly appreciate the job that you guys done for me. Just want to give you thanks to Mr. Martin and the lawyers and contractors for y'all blessing.

- Martin Fuselier

Quotation Mark

As a retired teacher and real estate agent, and having lost our home to Hurricane Rita in '05 and flooding from Hurricane Ike in '08, I thought we had managed to escape the wrath of Hurricane Laura in 2020. My husband and I thought we had a minimal damage to our home. Downed fence, displaced shutters, loosened gutters, not enough to meet our hurricane deductible. Fortunately for us, our roof had just been replaced a few months prior, and we did not lose a single shingle. However, it was when Matin Leber from Still Signature Homes made a visit with us that we became aware of the brick damage that 150+ winds had caused. Laura was the strongest hurricane to strike Southwest Louisiana since records began in 1851, and our brick walls took the damage - cracked brick and moving brick walls - the "not-so-obvious" damage. Because of the many scams going on during post-hurricane rebuilding, we were very skeptical of an unknown company. However, we found Martin and Darren Still to be very professional, dependable, and honest. Contracts outlining specific conditions, copies of the company's state certifications, prepared portfolios, engineering reports, and personal visits from both Martin and Darren gave us confidence in the company. Once all terms were agreed upon and contracts signed, Martin guided us through the process with our insurance company, not an easy task! Finally, after back-and-forth negotiations with our insurance company, we were approved for the re-bricking of our home. Darren Still, owner of Still Signature Homes, outlined when and how our project was to be done, and it was done exactly as he said in a timely manner. The materials were delivered; experienced brick layers were on scene every day without fail; the work was completed in less than 3 weeks; the yard entirely cleaned of debris. We are most impressed that Darren came by almost every day to check on the progress and review this with us. If it had not been for Still Signature Homes, we would not have been aware of the damaged brick and moving walls until it was too late. What you don't know can hurt! We are confident that our home has been structurally restored, thanks to Martin Leber, Darren Still, and the Still Signature Homes team!

- Gwen Fontenot

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